Monday, October 5, 2009

A review of The Forge of Mars, a 2002 archaeological novel by Bruce Balfour

A few years ago, The Forge of Mars (2002), a near-future science fiction novel by SF author Bruce Balfour about archaeology and the unearthing of alien artifacts on the Red Planet, was reviewed by librarian and writer Cindy Lynn Speer for the SF Site.

In short, Speer concluded: “Bruce Balfour has a wonderful style that brings to life many of the story's elements. He gave me a real sense of what it would be like to live in the future's over-crowded cities, and his journeys between the planets were also very distinctly drawn, so that I could imagine what it would be like to be in space. Still, it is the Red Planet itself where we get the strongest feelings, when we climb the red dust covered rocks and explore the planet surface of Mars, his vivid vision of the world is so real that you can almost touch it.”

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