Monday, October 5, 2009

Watch the trailer for Martian, a new graphic novel by Clay Rodery about madness on Mars

Here’s a cool video trailer for Martian (2009), the forthcoming graphic novel written and illustrated by artist Clay Rodery. A medical drama, the plot revolves around an astronaut who succumbs to “Martian Madness” while exploring the surface of the Red Planet.

In a recent email exchange, Rodery was kind enough to share with me the inspiration behind Martian:

I grew up in Clear Lake, Texas, and NASA was literally in my backyard, so my whole life I've been surrounded and fascinated by the space program, science, etc. I'm also a House M.D. junkie, and medical science has always intrigued me, so combining these interests into some kind of story seemed inevitable. Mars colonization is far enough away in our future, but still sort of up there on our society's to-do list that it makes a great setting for a medical drama. And should we ever actually find some kind of extremophile alien life there, be it bacteria or something more evolved, who knows what would happen if we don't protect ourselves adequately? I worked with a neurologist friend of mine to come up with a scientifically credible situation colonists might encounter, and the story kind of wrote itself from there.

Martian, the new graphic novel by Clay Rodery, will be available for purchase in the next week or two through the self-publishing site Details will be posted soon on a website devoted to the graphic novel:

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