Short Fiction -- 100+ stories


"Monsters of Mars" by Edmond Hamilton (1931)

"The Doom from Planet 4" by Jack Williamson (1931)

"The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis" by Clark Ashton Smith (1932)

“The Martian Cabal” by Roman Frederick Starzl (1932)

“Thia of the Drylands” by Harl Vincent (1932)

"Vulcan's Workshop" by Harl Vincent (1932)

"Invasion" by Murray Leinster (1933)

"A Martian Odyssey" by Stanley G. Weinbaum (1934)

"Valley of Dreams" by Stanley G. Weinbaum (1934)

"The Tree of Life" by C. L. Moore (1936)

"The Raid from Mars" by Miles J. Breuer (1939)

“The Martian Avenger” by John Russell Fearn (1939)


"Martian Quest" by Leigh Brackett (1940)

"The Prince of Mars Returns" by Philip Francis Nowlan (1940)

“There was No Paradise” by Manly Wade Wellman (1940)

"The Secret Sense" by Isaac Asimov (1941)

"Star of Blue" by Milton Kaletsky (1941)

"The Martians are Coming" by Robert W. Lowndes (1941)

“Under the Sand-Seas” by Oliver E. Saari (1941)

"The Treasure of Ptakuth" by Leigh Brackett (1942)

“Gentlemen -- the Queen” by Bob Tucker (1942)

"Monsoons of Death" by Gerald Vance (1942)

"Child of the Gods" by A. E. van Vogt (1946)

“Queen of the Martian Catacombs” by Leigh Brackett (1949)


“Mars is -- Hell!” by Forrest J Ackerman (1950)

“The Crowded Colony” by Jerome Bixby (1950)

“Death Wish” by Ray Bradbury (1950)

"City of the Dead" by G. M. Martin (1950)

"Black Amazon of Mars" by Leigh Brackett (1951)

“It Happened on Mars” by Salem Lane (1951)

"Translator's Error" by Charles Dye (1952)

"The Old Martians" by Roger Phillips Graham (1952)

"The Martian and the Magician" by Evelyn E. Smith (1952)

“Stamped Caution” by Raymond Z. Gallun (1953)

"Mars Confidential" by Jack Lait (1953)

“One Martian Afternoon” by Tom Leahy (1953)

“The Record of Currupira” by Robert Abernathy (1954)

"The Holes Around Mars" by Jerome Bixby (1954)

"The Crystal Crypt" by Philip K. Dick (1954)

"The Man the Martians Made" by Frank Belknap Long (1954)

“$1,000 a Plate” by Jack McKenty (1954)

“Cancer World” by Harry Warner (1954)

"Hagerty’s Enzymes" by A. L. Haley (1955)

“Alien Equivalent” by Richard R. Smith (1955)

"Shock Absorber" by E. G. von Wald (1955)

“The Hills of Home” by Alfred Coppel (1956)

"The Man Who Hated Mars" by Gordon Randall Garrett (1956)

"I Like Martian Music" by Charles E. Fritch (1957)

“What’s He Doing in There?” by Fritz Leiber (1957)

"Omnilingual" by H. Beam Piper (1957)

"Moment of Truth" by Basil Wells (1957)

"Arm of the Law" by Harry Harrison (1958)

"The Hated" by Frederik Pohl (1958)

"Nine Shadows at Doomsday" by S. M. Tenneshaw (1958)

"The Man Who Lost the Sea" by Theodore Sturgeon (1959)


"Earthmen Bearing Gifts” by Fredric Brown (1960)

"The Dope on Mars” by Jack Sharkey (1960)

“The Memory of Mars” by Raymond F. Jones (1961)

"Martian Mouse" by Robin Sturgeon (1962)

“A Rose for Ecclesiastes” by Roger Zelazny (1963)

“The Day the Martians Came” by Frederik Pohl (1967)


“The Mars You Have in Me” by Terry Dowling (1992)

"Big Chair" by Ian McDonald (1992)

“A Touch of Earth” by Colin P. Davies (1995)


"A Message Home" by Stuart Atkinson (2000)

"A Tree Grows Up on Mars" by Ken Rand (2000)

"Falling Onto Mars" by Geoffrey A. Landis (2002)

"It Takes a Town" by Stephen V. Ramey (2002)

"The Empress of Mars" by Kage Baker (2003)

"First Contact" by E. S. Strout (2003)

"Field Trip" by Stuart Atkinson (2004)

“Green Fields of Mars” by Jörn Grote (2004)

"Jailhouse Rock" by James P. Hogan (2004)

"Comet Night" by Stuart Atkinson (2005)

"Identity Theft" by Robert J. Sawyer (2005)

“La Malcontenta” by Liz Williams (2005)

"Bartlett Goes to Mars" by Stuart Atkinson (2006)

“Curtain Call on Mars” by Bob Bolin (2006, rev. 2009)

“The Winter Astronaut” by Mark Patrick Lynch (2006)

“Yo-Yo: The Gift” by Rebecca K. Rowe (2006)

“The Only Sky I'll Ever Know” by Patrick Walts (2006)

“The Clone-Wrangler’s Bride” by Camille Alexa (2007)

"Zombies of Mars" by James Gordon Bailie (2007)

"Marsdog” by Beth Bernobich (2007)

"The Water Thief” by Ben Bova (2007)

“The Haunted Airlock” by Michael Carroll (2007)

“Weredragons of Mars” by Carl Frederick (2007)

“Knowing Mars” by Tycho Garen (2007)

“Fire in the Sky” by Tom Hill (2007)

“Coyote Discovers Mars” by Emily Mah (2007)

"Zora and the Land Ethic Nomads" by Mary A. Turzillo (2007)

“Mars Ain’t No Place For Ladies” by Filamena Young (2007)

"Droidtown Blues" by Camille Alexa (2008)

“The Full Story of the Firstborn Assault on Mars” by Stephen Baxter and Arthur C. Clarke (2008)

"Catherine Drewe" by Paul Cornell (2008)

"Noah's Ark" by Narendra Desirazu (2008)

“The Eventful Career of Dr. Kevin Pearson, Astronomer” by Edward A. Laag (2008)

"The Ambassador" by Mark Lawrence (2008)

“Evergreen and Always” by Alice M. Roelke (2008)

"Message to Mars” by Alice M. Roelke (2008)

“The Film-makers of Mars” by Geoff Ryman (2008)

"Mars's Gift" by Jonathan Schlosser (2008)

“Sanctuary Mons” by Phred Serenissima (2008)

"Willpower" by Jason Stoddard (2008)

"First Contact" by E. S. Strout (2008)

"Private Eye" by E. S. Strout (2008)

“A Man Called Mister Brown” by A.R. Yngve (2008)

"Gone" by Stuart Atkinson (2009)

"Hunters" by Stuart Atkinson (2009)

"Rover Hugger" by Stuart Atkinson (2009)

"Mars-side" by C.B. Calsing (2009)

"Mars Rescue" by James H. Dawdy (2009)

"Six Bullets for John Carter" by Chad Eagleton (2009)

[untitled] by Alireza Fotoohi (2009)

"First Words" by Mark J. Howard (2009)

"The Last Martian" by keeni84 (2009)

“Three Revolvers on Mars” by Kristen Lee Knapp (2009)

"Red Dust" by Amanda Lord (2009)

“A Tulip for Lucretius” by Ken MacLeod (2009)

"Dog Days" by Republibot 3.0 (2009)

“Planet Killer” by Ges Seger and Kevin Grazier (2009)

"Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs" by Leonard Richardson (2009)

"Winds of Mars" by Bud Sparhawk (2009)

"Paulo on Mars" by Guy Stewart (2009)

"Stepan on Mars" by Guy Stewart (2009)

“Footnote” by Mel Trent (2009)

"Fields of Mars" by Scott Wilson (2009)

"No Child of Mine" by Filamena Young (2009)


"Another Museum" by Stuart Atkinson (2010)

"Freeing Spirit" by Stuart Atkinson (2010)

“The Mole Rats of Mars” by Alex Hernandez (2010)

“Lucy in the Sky” by Bent Lorentzen (2010)

“Amazon Arena of Mars” by Tara Loughead (2010)


“Martian Mice” by Marianne J. Dyson (year)

“Ghost Story” by Brian Enke (year)