Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fortune magazine looks inside Amazon's effort to transform the book business

The website of Fortune magazine takes a special, interactive look at Amazon’s latest effort to transform the book business in a series of articles and videos listed below. A 21st-century businessman, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sees "a genuine opportunity to make the cost structure of printing and distribution much more attractive.”

And the Word was: Kindle. "Amazon founder Jeff Bezos used the Web to shake up book retailing. Now, his company has invented the Kindle e-reader, and is using the Internet to sell electronic books, newspapers and magazines."

Bezos’ big-screen Kindle (video). "The Amazon.com CEO says the Kindle DX is a great value despite the near $500 price tag."

Cover story: Amazon's next revolution. "CEO Jeff Bezos used the web to shake up book retailing. Now he's using the Internet to sell electronic books on his Kindle e-reader. A look at Amazon's latest effort to transform the book business, writ digital."

All the news fit to e-print (video). "Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos says his company's new Kindle DX could be a lifeline for print media."

Amazon re-Kindles the iPhone. "It took Amazon (AMZN) less than a month after the release of the second-generation Kindle electronic-book reader to put a free Kindle application on the iPhone App Store."

The end of paper? "Someday you may be reading your newspaper on an e-paper device -- a thin piece of plastic the size of a legal pad that can be taken to the beach or on the train. That day may be a lot closer than you think."

Interested in re-kindling that old-book smell for your e-reader? Try Classic Musty Scent, a fictitious aerosol e-book enhancer made by DuroSport Electronics.

Pictured above: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos atop a pile of books.

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