Wednesday, June 10, 2009

“Six Bullets for John Carter”, a new short story by pulp writer Chad Eagleton

Thanks to a recent post by Dave Tackett of QuasarDragon, I just finished reading “Six Bullets for John Carter” (2009), a fantastic new short story set on Mars and penned by pulp writer Chad Eagleton. Posted on the literary website Beat to a Pulp, here are the opening lines of Eagleton's story:

He stares at the reflection of his bandaged face in the piss-colored glow of polished metal above the dingy sink. He stares only a moment before stepping away from the mirror to the grimy porthole where Mars glowers like an angry red eye. ...

Chad Eagleton lives in the Midwest. His work has been featured in Pulp Pusher, Powder Burn Flash, A Twist of Noir, and other E-zines.

Pictured above: How I envision "the blonde from Alpha Centauri."


Blue Tyson said...

Yeah, this one was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...


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Chad said...

Thanks for the linkage. Glad you dug this one.

And I like the blonde.

Paul Brazill said...

Yep, it's a brilliant story.