Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mars SF/F holiday stocking stuffers

Christmas is only weeks away, but in these tough economic times it’s difficult to justify spending
$25 down at the local bookstore on a new SF/F hardcover novel for the science fiction or fantasy fan in your family. A more frugal approach is to consider stuffing a few older works of short fiction into your fan's electronic stocking! Here are ten quality SF & Fantasy stories about Mars or Martians
that you can purchase at Fictionwise, each for less than a dollar:

Mousetrap” (1954), by Andre Norton

The Hole Man” (1974), by Larry Niven

Mrs. Bagley Goes to Mars” (1978), by Kate Wilhelm

From the Labyrinth of Night” (1984), by Lillian Stewart Carl

Danny Goes to Mars” (1992), by Pamela Sargent

The Blue Planet” (1999), by Robert J. Sawyer

Greener Pastures” (2003), by James A. Anderson

The Copper River” (2003), by Gryffyd Dempsey

A Princess of Earth” (2004), by Mike Resnick

Standards of Success” (2005), by John G. Hemry

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