Thursday, June 17, 2010

Polling problems: The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition giveaway

Sorry folks, but I had to remove the poll about the GIVEAWAY for The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition (Subterranean Press, 2009). For some reason, there was a frequent problem on Google's end. Not to worry! I've made a note of the results (12 votes in favor of me giving the book away, 2 against) and am well aware that fans are interested in this GIVEAWAY! Feel free to leave a comment expressing additional support for the GIVEAWAY!


Doc Mars said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks to your very generous offer!
You have my positive vote.

Paul said...

Thanks, Doc Mars. Hopefully, more people will express interest.

Autumn Leaves said...

Wow! A great giveaway!