Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lost Treasure of Mars and Other Stories

Here’s an interesting anthology of reprinted short stories from the 1940s and 1950s that I’m looking forward to reading this summer: Lost Treasure of Mars and Other Stories (2006), compiled by a fellow named Jerry L. Schneider and published by a small print-on-demand shop called Pulpville Press in Rialto, California. I bought this book for about $15 through a few months ago, but it is also available through Here’s the line-up, with a couple of writers whose names are new to me:

“Lost Treasure of Mars” by Edmond Hamilton
(Amazing Stories, August 1940)

“The Red Singing Sands” by Koller Ernst
(Super-Science Fiction, February 1958)

“Murder on Mars” by Francis M. Deegan
(Amazing Stories, April 1952)

“Nothing’s Impossible” by Charles L. Fontenay
(Super-Science Fiction, October 1958)

“The Prince of Mars Returns” by Philip F. Nowlan
(Fantastic Adventures, February and March 1940)

“Bright Flowers of Mars” by Curtis W. Casewitt
(Super-Science Fiction, April 1957)

I’m really looking forward to reading this anthology. It’s a quality print-on-demand trade paperback with good-sized font and nice, clear reproductions of original magazine artwork by Bowman, Ed Emshwiller, Ed Valigursky. Julian S. Krupa and others. The cover art needs some work, but, otherwise, no real complaints here. You can preview a few pages of this interesting anthology at

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