Thursday, March 18, 2010

Red Planet Noir, the new retro Sci-Fi detective novel by D.B. Grady, released for Kindle

Freelance writer and novelist D.B. Grady recently announced that his new debut novel Red Planet Noir (Brown Street Press, 2009) has been released for the Kindle e-book reader, which means the book can also be read on desktops, iPhones and Blackberrys! A hard-boiled detective tale written in the pulp tradition of the 1930s, Red Planet Noir is “a Raymond Chandler mystery in a Robert Heinlein world.” You can read Chapter 1 (pdf) for free.

Grady, who calls the Kindle “easily the best investment you will ever make,” is in the third week of his Red Planet Noir Blog Tour. Rumor has it Grady will be a guest blogger here, at Marooned, later in the month!

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