Thursday, January 14, 2010

“The Wheel of Samsara,” a new short story by Han Song

Thanks to the generosity of Israeli editor and science fiction optimist Lavie Tidhar, you can read “The Wheel of Samsara” (PDF) a new short story by award-winning Chinese science fiction author Han Song that was recently published in the anthology The Apex Book of World SF (Apex, Nov. 2009). A tale about a Martian woman who discovers scientific anomalies in a Tibetan lamasery, here are the opening lines of “The Wheel of Samsara”:

SHE traveled in Tibet and one day arrived at Doji lamasery. It was a small temple of Tibetan Buddhism now in a bleak, half-ruined state. What caught her eye was a string of bronze wheels hung around the wall of the temple. They were called the Wheels of Samsara...

Check out this beautiful diagram explaining some of the points of a Wheel of Samsara.

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WanderMonkey said...

I just read this story in the printed version and very much enjoyed it. Thanks for supplying an electronic version!