Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preview review: Reprint of Dell's John Carter of Mars comics from 1950s

Jim and Lee of the blog Comics And...Other Imaginary Tales have each written a brief preview review of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars: The Jesse Marsh Years (May 2010), Dark Horse Comics’ forthcoming reprint of all three issues of Dell Publishing’s Four Color Comics: John Carter of Mars series.

Jim: “I love Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Mars series is my favorite, but this is an easy pass. Jesse Marsh’s work is not that inspiring to me […]”

Lee: “I have to agree that I won’t be getting this but it’s mainly because of the price point. 120 pages for $30 is not cheap. […]”


Doc Mars said...

It's an useless reprint.
Jesse Marsh’s drawings are very ugly.
All Burroughs novels magic is gone.
Can you imagine John Carter (dressed like a 50's super hero with a cape) fighting the Tharks?
And i don't describe Dejah Thoris.
I prefer Frank Cho or this one:

Paul said...

Perhaps useless at $30, but completely useless? Considering the SF/F field has no Edgar Rice Burroughs Award nearly 60 years after his death, yes, I can imagine John Carter in tights and a cape!