Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review of Jean de La Hire’s 1911 French novel The Nyctalope on Mars

Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction #31 (Winter 2009) has a refreshing review of The Nyctalope on Mars (1911), an old French pulp novel written by Jean de La Hire that was translated into English by Brian M. Stableford and published in 2008 by Black Coat Press. The reviewer concludes: “But for me this [novel] wasn’t just of historical interest. It was exciting, amusing, eccentric and quite unique, and I’d recommend it highly to anyone who prizes those qualities.”

Pictured: The Nyctalope on Mars (2008).


Doc Mars said...

Hi Paul,
Amazing novel i've read years ago.
Also by Black Coat Press, another cheesy ol' french novel (1906)
"Doctor Omega"

Paul said...

Doc Mars, can you provide a link to the cover of the first edition? Something must have gotten lost in the translation, as I couldn't figure out which cover was the first edition. Thanks.

Doc Mars said...

Hi Paul,
Here are the 1906 first edition cover (Albin Michel editor)and the 1949 cover.
This novel has been reprinted in 12 booklets in 1908-1909 under the title
"Les Aventures fantastiques d'un jeune Parisien"