Sunday, January 31, 2010

Author Michael Chabon interviewed by ERB critic Richard A. Lupoff

There’s an awesome interview between Edgar Rice Burroughs critic Richard A. Lupoff and award-winning science fiction author Michael Chabon posted on ERBzine. Recall that Chabon is in the process of rewriting the script for the long-awaited Disney/Pixar film John Carter of Mars (2012) and Luopff is the fellow who wrote the controversial introduction to the 1964 Ace paperback reprint of Edwin L. Arnold’s novel Lieut. Gullivar Jones: His Vacation (1905). Here is a snippet from the interview:
Lupoff: Back to the movie world. Are you aware of the recent movie, Princess of Mars with Traci Lords?

Chabon: I've seen the trailer for it.

Lupoff: What's your comment about it?

Chabon: It's hilarious. It made me laugh. When I watched the trailer I burst out laughing. It was not purely scornful laughter -- there's a certain element of delight in something that goes "over the top." It just looks like a hoot.
No word on whether Lupoff or Chabon have ever seen the infamous film New Wave Hookers (1985).

[via JCOM Reader]

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