Monday, January 18, 2010

Date set for Issue #3 of comic adaptation of William Shatner's 1996 novel Man O'War

Comic book company Bluewater Productions recently announced that the third issue of Man O’War, its adaptation of the eponymous 1996 science fiction novel by Star Trek actor and bestselling author William Shatner, will be released in April 2010. Written by CJ Henderson and illustrated by Pat Broderick in consultation with Shatner, the storyline for the comic series is a continuation of the novel’s plot, as opposed to a direct adaptation. Here’s a synopsis of Issue #3:

Benton Hawkes finally makes it to Mars, but the mystery that dragged him there only deepens. While trying to hammer out an agreement between the workers there and the Earth government, he barely escapes two more attempts on his life, only to discover that one of few people he has come to trust since leaving Earth is the main assassin assigned to kill him!

Issue #1 of Man O'War is scheduled to be released in Feb 2010 and Issue #2 is scheduled to be released in March 2010.

Pictured: Cover of Man O'War, Issue #3.

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