Monday, January 18, 2010

After the Vikings, a 2001 e-collection of stories by G. David Nordley

After the Vikings: Stories of a Future Mars (2001) is a self-published e-collection of five slightly-revised science fiction short stories written by G. David Nordley that originally appeared in Analog and Asimov’s magazines in the early 1990s. All of the stories revolve around the Red Planet and are tied together with a framing narrative in which a pair of alien archaeologists discuss the extinct race which once lived on the planet, peeling back the stories like layers of sediment. Here’s the stratigraphy:

“Morning on Mars” Analog (June 1992)

“The Day of Their Coming” Asimov’s (March 1994)

“Comet Gypsies” Asimov’s (March 1995)

“A Mars” Analog (July/August 1998)

“Martian Valkyrie” Analog (January 1996)

According to SF mega-fan Blue Tyson, these stories "take place over millions of years of future history and do not involve a common character." He gives the collection 3.5 stars out of 5.

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