Sunday, December 20, 2009

Project Mars, a new online serial by JD Adler

Author, poet and philosopher JD Adler, who uses his storytelling to both entertain and educate, is in the process of writing an online science fiction serial entitled Project Mars (2009). Set in the near future, the plot revolves around the human settlement of the Red Planet following first contact with indigenous Martian life. Here are the opening lines of Chapter 1:

Jan. 28, 2025
Text of Public Statement
The United Federation of Nations
Office of the President
President Avram
Volunteers Needed

Citizens of Earth, I come to you today to speak on an issue of tremendous importance to us all. It is with great deliberation and contemplation that the decision to bring this information to you today was made. For many years, decades in fact, we have known this information within the halls of government the world over. Not having a complete set of facts or an understanding of their import, we chose to withhold the information from the public. We feared a worst case scenario of public panic and anarchy weighed against a best case scenario of providing no real benefit. So we erred on the side of caution. ...

At the moment, Adler has posted the first nine chapters of Project Mars.

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