Saturday, December 19, 2009

Key diagram to artist Frank R. Paul’s famed 1939 illustration, "The Man from Mars"

Fans of the old science fiction pulp magazines will probably recognize this colorful illustration of "The Man from Mars", drawn by artist Frank R. Paul and featured on the back cover of the May 1939 issue of Fantastic Adventures. Less recognizable is this black-and-white “key diagram” to Paul’s illustration, presumably printed in the same issue.


Phil said...

Although this is a bizarre image, and very much of its time, I was reminded of the creature that the hero of Frederik Pohl's MAN PLUS becomes (he is modified to survive in the natural conditions of Mars, by surgical alterations giving him huge ears and (if I recall correctly) bat-like wings).

MAN PLUS is, of course, a product of the 1970s and is in many ways far removed from the pulp heritage of SF.

Paul said...

Phil, a timely comment. Check out this gallery of MAN PLUS cover art I'm building over on Flickr. Almost 30 covers!

Crotchety Old Fan said...

hey - it was printed in the same issue.

If I can find it, I'll send you a scan.

It was also reproduced in one, if not several, SF art books

Paul said...

Steve, if you have time, any other info on the key diagram would be appreciated. Maybe the editor had a short piece that explained the diagram.

Also, I'm surprised that Frank Wu's awesome gallery of Frank R. Paul cover art doesn't include the key diagram.