Sunday, November 22, 2009

Neil Gaiman liked BBC’s Doctor Who television special “The Waters of Mars”

Award-winning British SF&F author Neil Gaiman revealed in a recent entry in his online journal that he liked the BBC’s Doctor Who television special “The Waters of Mars,” which aired in the UK last Sunday evening, November 15th:

“Maddy and I watched the antepenultimate Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars, which we both liked a lot more than the Bus-in-the-desert episode. Good, scary classic, monstery Doctor Who which felt predictable (in a good way -- almost inevitable) until suddenly it wasn't, and it got interesting in different ways. I liked the plot and performances, and feel comfortably certain that David Tennant's Doctor is going to have a better exit from the stage than any of the other nine.”

"The Water of Mars," which is set on the Red Planet in the year 2059 and stars British Actor David Tennant as the Doctor and acclaimed Scottish actress Lindsay Duncan as his companion, will be aired in New Zealand on Sunday, November 29th; in Australia on Sunday, December 6th; and in the United States on BBC America on Saturday night, December 19th.

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