Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Mars Experiment, a new debut novel by Paul C. Vinci

Congratulations to writer Paul C. Vinci, whose new debut science fiction novel, The Mars Experiment (2009), was launched recently. Inspired by astronomy and a love of science fiction, The Mars Experiment is a futuristic tale about the mysterious Red Planet, set in the year 2034. Here’s a description from the publisher, Eloquent Books/Strategic Book Group:

Man is about to embark on a mission: to land on Mars and find out what mysteries it holds and what those discoveries will mean to mankind.

A group of scientists and military personnel have been thoroughly trained to embark on the momentous mission.

As the day approaches for takeoff, these dedicated individuals will check and recheck systems, trying to ensure a successful mission. There is no room for failure as the mission will undoubtedly be one that could very well change life in the solar system.

What will they find on this terrestrial planet of volcanoes, valleys, deserts and polar ice caps? What will they uncover on this planet so similar in seasonal cycles to Planet Earth, but so different in appearance? What this brave team discovers may just surpass their expectations and dreams and hold infinite possibilities toward exploration of the vast, infinite universe.

Paul C. Vinci earned a BA in English Literature/Creative Writing. He lives in Connecticut and is working on his next novel.

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