Thursday, October 8, 2009

War for Mars: A Story of the Fourth Millennium, a new novel by Madhu Chittarvu

War for Mars: A Story of the Fourth Millennium(2009), a new novel by doctor and writer Madhu Chittarvu of India, was recently published by Sampark Publishers of Kolkata and is now available in all leading book outlets in Kolkata and New Delhi. An adventure of a human biologist on Mars, here is Chittarvu's detailed description of his novel and my links to sample chapters:

The story is set in the future that is fourth Millennium. The Earth has changed… the Universe has changed. After two nuclear conflagrations and one environmental disaster Earth is bare half of itself of the 21st century. But there is a tremendous improvement in interplanetary and inter galactic travel and communications. There are colonies of humans migrated all over the galaxy milky way and in at least one nearby galaxy. There are improvements in medical and other fields like cloning, stem cell therapy and robotic surgery.

Hani Amrapali is a Bio scientist working in Indica Central a university in the now unrecognizable South Asia. He has a recurrent dream about a beautiful Martian Girl which haunts him. And he travels to Mars by spending his lifetime's savings. There he finds out that there are two colonies at war with each other… the humans and the wizards of Red Plains. He is imprisoned by the Emperor of Red Plains and asked under the threat of death to lead an interplanetary crew of exotic powers and asked to bring the potion of immortality… Will he succeed? Caught between the warring groups of Mars, and his dream shattered…?

An unbelievable story of immense possibilities… and I plan to write many sequels to this adventure of Hani… as this is not yet over. Chased by the humans and wizards he returns to the Earth and is determined to unravel the mysteries of PCUFs ( the persons controlling the universal force) known once as wizards… both evil and the noble… He also has to unravel the mystery his parents' murder in his childhood in the village of Amrapali… Hani is just beginning to discover his own powers and his mission in the galaxy…

You can read the first five chapters of War for Mars: A Story of the Fourth Millennium online through Madhu Chittarvu’s blog: Chapter 1, Chapter 2.1, Chapter 2.2, Chapter 3.1, Chapter 3.2, Chapter 4, Chapter 5.


Madhu Chittarvu said...

Thanks for publishing about my novel in your blog.I would be happy if readers read and frankly tell about their opinion on the novel so I can plan future sequels.Your blog is excellent giving a wonderful information on books and ither literary and visual works on Mars Bravo...keep it up Madhu

Paul said...

You are welcome!

Madhu Chittarvu said...
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