Thursday, October 8, 2009

Martian Empires, a Victorian SF miniature game

Martian Empires is a set of fast-play, big-battle rules for a Victorian Science Fiction miniature game. Created by Black Hat Miniatures in the UK, the rules cover the Martian Cephalod invasion of Earth in 1880, the subsequent British invasion of Mars, and the scramble for Mars by other European powers. The rules are 52 pages long and include army lists and five scenarios. Check out some of the miniature figures:

Imperial Martian Infantry with Sword

Martian Ghost Archers

Imperial Martian Cavalry Lancers

Imperial Martian Artillery

Imperial Martian Hexosaur with Howdah

There is even a Martian Empires forum on Yahoo Groups!

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Great cepha(llic)lod heatray