Friday, August 28, 2009

Photos of actress Traci Lords as Dejah Thoris on set of forthcoming Asylum film Princess of Mars

Unless this is some clever hoax, the guy who plays the character Tal Hajus in the forthcoming low-budget, direct-to-DVD film Princess of Mars being produced by The Asylum, a motion picture studio in Burbank, California, has posted some photos from the film set on Flickr, including several of actress and former porn star Traci Lords, who plays the role of Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars.

The Asylum's film Princess of Mars is an adaptation of the classic early 20th-century novel written by author Edgar Rice Burroughs and co-stars Antonio Sabàto, Jr. as John Carter. The film, classified as science fiction, is scheduled to be released in late December 2009.

Pictured: Presumably, Traci Lords on the set of Princess of Mars.


republibot 3.0 said...

I can't help noticing that the green martians only have two arms, and everyone's wearing clothes. I mean, if you're gonna' hire Traci Lords, and not do an all-nude version of your movie, what's the point?

Paul said...

Good point!

Paul said...

Just checked Flickr. The photos of Traci Lords have either been removed or moved inside the Flickr community.