Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forthcoming: Revised edition of Jason Stoddard’s 2005 novel Winning Mars

Author Jason Stoddard announced recently that a revised edition of his science fiction novel Winning Mars (2005), which was released on the Internet a few years ago as a freebie under a Creative Commons license, is available for pre-order as a pay-for-it hardcover or paperback book. Here’s a description:

Jere Gutierrez is bucking the trend at the dying art of "linear" entertainment -- what we know today as TV shows. His combination of astounding stories, captured in the moment, are captivating millions. Of course, every one of his stories are fabricated and engineered and orchestrated, even though they're sold as "real." Unfortunately for Jere, his backers have begun to see through his tricks. Desperate for another story, one large enough to capture the attention of the world, he teams up with a retired TV executive to create an ad-supported mission to Mars, complete with corporate sponsors and extreme sports events. What Jere doesn't know is just how captivating his Winning Mars will be.

The revised Winning Mars is being published by Prime Books and is scheduled to be released in March 2010.

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