Sunday, June 7, 2009

An untitled short story seemingly set on Mars, written by Iranian Sci-Fi writer Alireza Fotoohi

The website Fantasy Academy: The First English Website of Iranian Fantasy and Science-Fiction has an interesting untitled short story written by science fiction writer Alireza Fotoohi and translated into English by Amir Sepahram. Seemingly set on Mars, here are the opening lines of the story:

For many Mars is end of the world. Not that it’s truly end of the world, but man can’t send anyone farther. I mean alive! Of course, you may throw some corpses into space. Even if there were alive, they would be corpses before long. Then, the corpses will travel in space forever, maybe to the end of the world. I mean the real end of the world, where the world really ends. Well, if it ends at all. Anyway, I was on Mars watering my flowers with a sprinkler ...

If you have time, read the story. It's not very long, only a few pages.

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