Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Martian Chronicles: the Definitive Edition to include new artwork by Edward Miller

William Schafer of Subterranean Press announced recently that he and Peter Crowther of PS Publishing have commissioned all new color artwork for their forthcoming limited edition of Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles: the Definitive Edition, which is scheduled to be released by the end of 2009. The artwork is comprised of five brand new paintings by British F&SF artist Edward Miller. Two of the stunning paintings (one, two) are posted on Subterranean’s website and, quite respectfully, one looks like a collaboration between realist painter Edward Hopper and SF&F artist Bob Eggleton!

Interestingly, in 2005, Edward Miller painted eight canvases for Hill House Publishers’ attempt at the definitive edition of The Martian Chronicles, which, unfortunately, never came to fruition. Check out Miller’s artwork from the failed project: Canal Rendezvous, Rocket Summer, Green Town, Green Morning, Sandship, Mr K and the Bee Gun, The Watchers, and Ray Bradbury (pictured above).

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