Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trailer for forthcoming film The Lost Hieroglyph to debut at Comic-Con 2009

Now that Watchmen is old news, it’s time to focus on a much more interesting film that’s coming down the canal: The Lost Hieroglyph: a Brackett & Burroughs Adventure. A project of independent filmmaker Steve Weintz of Big Sur, California, the film (stop-motion animated miniseries) is a retro sci-fi adventure in which a writer couple travel to Mars to hunt for a missing relative and a lost book. Steve was gracious enough to provide me with a production update:

“We're shooting Episode 1, Act Two for the trailer to demo at San Diego ComicCon. The Telegraph Hill apartment set is coming together, along with the animation stage (an uber-workbench). Episode 1, Act Two takes place mostly in the living room [...] two other sets being built for the trailer are, first, a bit of Old Mars for the opening teaser, and second, a big HO-scale miniature set of Clipper Cove in San Francisco Bay. I plan to have photography wrapped up by the end of May, in time for post production before
the July 23-26 convention.”

Meantime, check out a promotional poster for The Lost Hieroglyph.

Thanks Steve!

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