Monday, March 9, 2009

Travis Taylor’s novel One Day on Mars published in paperback

A paperback edition of Travis Taylor’s novel One Day on Mars (2007) was published recently by Baen Books and is now available for purchase through various retailers. Here’s a description of the novel, taken directly from the website of Baen:

“A nonstop futuristic thrill-ride, through the critical events which were the breaking point for the underclass of Martian citizens and precipitated a revolution to break the Martian colonists free from the formidable Sol System government. The formerly red planet -- now in danger of again becoming red, blood red -- would never be the same, nor would the human race. It was one day that changed the course of history for the Solar System, raging from hand-to-hand combat to piloted armored mecha suits clashing to an enormous space battle, with dedicated heroes on both sides of the conflict wondering if they were doing the right thing -- and if they would live to see another day. And wondering, as well, if the spark of this new war, that would eventually reach across whole star systems, would bring them peace.”

The first seven chapters of One Day on Mars are posted on Baen’s website.

Author, reviewer, and longtime science fiction fan Don D’Ammassa reviewed the novel in 2007, concluding that “There were times when I thought the action was too compressed -- it felt more like a comic book than a novel during some of the battle sequences -- but for the most part, this is well above average military SF.” Other reader reviews are posted on Amazon.

Travis S. "Doc" Taylor is a physicist and aerospace engineer who has worked on various programs for the Department of Defense and NASA. He maintains his own website.

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