Monday, December 8, 2008

The Film-makers of Mars,” a new short story by Geoff Ryman

Thanks to a post last week on the blog QuasarDragon,
I had an opportunity to read “The Film-makers of Mars,”
a new short story by award-winning author Geoff Ryman that was published recently on the website of Tor Books.

Freelance writer Josh Reynolds recommends the story to "anyone who has an interest in ER Burroughs, Mars, or cool concepts in particular. It's an interesting spin on a Burroughs classic, with a bit of film history thrown in to spice things up.”

If you believe the folks at Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. have all kinds of treasure locked up in the vault at Tarzana, you'll enjoy reading Geoff Ryman's "The Film-makers of Mars"!

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