Friday, November 7, 2008

National Geographic has Piece by Ray Bradbury on the Science and Fiction of Mars

National Geographic Society
Press Release
November 5, 2008

"Space: The Once and Future Frontier" on Newsstands Now

WASHINGTON (Nov. 5, 2008) -- Fifty years of space exploration are spotlighted in a special collector's edition of National Geographic magazine. "Space: The Once and Future Frontier" ($10.99), available only on newsstands until Jan. 26, 2009, spans a half-century of space discoveries, from the 1957 Russian Sputnik satellite launch to the New Horizons mission to Pluto currently under way.

Punctuated by stunning images of space and the people who probe its mysteries, the issue offers an in-depth look at topics ranging from the danger of landing on the moon and returning to Earth to future space experiments that explore lingering questions about the universe.

Highlights include: Writer Ray Bradbury's foreword, in which he looks at fiction's romantic expectations of Mars compared with actual scientific findings from the planet. ...

Read the entire press release from the National Geographic Society.

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