Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pyr to Reprint Ian McDonald’s Desolation Road

Pyr-o-mania, the blog of science fiction imprint Pyr, gives us another reason to feel good about the future: Pyr will reprint Desolation Road (1988), an award-winning novel by British author Ian McDonald. Scheduled to be released in July 2009, here’s a description of Desolation Road, taken from Library Journal back in 1988:

“Founded by accident in the Martian desert by a scientist obsessed with the nature of time, the town of Desolation Road grows from a whistle stop on the Bethlehem Ares Railroad to a stronghold of freedom ranged against the ROTECH bureaucracy. The loves, hates, and intrigues of the town's residents come to life and build to a vivid climax in this compellingly executed novel.”

Pictured above: The cover for Pyr's forthcoming reprint of Desolation Road. Check out a gallery of other covers at LibraryThing.

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