Monday, November 17, 2008

The Beast-Jewel of Mars,” a Short Story by V. E. Thiessen (1955)

Thanks to an intriguing post titled “Is Leigh Brackett V. E. Thiessen?” at the blog Dark Worlds, I recently downloaded and read “The Beast-Jewel of Mars,” a short story by V. E. Thiessen. Originally published in the Spring 1955 issue of Planet Stories magazine, the tale is about
“two Earthmen who run foul of an ancient prophecy on Mars.” Here's the opening paragraph:

"He lay on his stomach, a lean man in faded one piece dungarees, and an odd metallic hat, peering over the side of the canal. Behind him the little winds sifted red dust into his collar, but he could not move; he could only sit there with his gaze riveted on the spires and minarets that twinkled in the distance, far down the bottom of the canal. ..."

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