Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kim Stanley Robinson, Paul Di Filippo, Allen Steele to Speak at Harvard’s Vericon IX in 2009

Martian science fiction writers Kim Stanley Robinson, Paul Di Filippo, and Allen Steele are scheduled to speak at Vericon IX, a science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and anime convention to be held at Harvard University in January 2009. Dr. Robinson is the Guest of Honor.

Kim Stanley Robinson is the author of the award-winning Mars trilogy of novels, as well as The Martians (1999), a collection of short fiction.

Paul Di Filippo is the author of the short story “A Martian Theodicy”, which was published in the anthology Mars Probes (2002).

Allen Steele has written several pieces of Martian science fiction, including “Live from the Mars Hotel” (1988), “Red Planet Blues” (1989), Labyrinth of Night: a Novel of Mars (1992), “A Letter from St. Louis” (1996), “Zwarte Piet's Tale” (1998), and “A Walk Across Mars” (2002).

Vericon IX is sponsored by the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association, an undergraduate student group. To imagine what books are in the association’s library, explore the now dead database.

The Million Year Picnic, a comic book store in Cambridge, MA, is also a convention sponsor.

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