Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Graphic Novel: The Martian Confederacy

Thanks to a news column by Augie De Blieck Jr., at Comic Book Resources, we just learned about a new original graphic novel that has hit local comic shops and bookstores: The Martian Confederacy, by Jason McNamara and Paige Braddock.

According to De Blieck, “Set on the red planet in the year 3535, the story is one of a world that's lost its tourism trade and most of its natural resources. ... To save Mars, it's up to three outlaw rednecks to get back the one thing that can cleanse the putrid air and return the planet to its former glory.”

De Blieck’s column includes a short interview with writer Jason McNamara, who notes that “In writing early drafts of The Martian Confederacy, we kept coming into conversations like, ‘Wasn't that done in Star Wars? Or Planet of the Apes? Or Dune?’ We decided to embrace science fiction as a living language by having our characters embrace those movies as their past."

For more insight, read the blog io9's May 2008 interview with Jason McNamara and check out The Martian Confederacy's website.

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