Saturday, August 30, 2008

Henrik Dahl Juve’s “The Martian Revenge” (1930)

Published in the August 1930 issue of Wonder Stories magazine, we don't believe "The Martian Revenge," by Henrik Dahl Juve, has been reprinted in any anthology. Note that Juve's first name is sometimes spelled as "Hendrik."

Here’s a synopsis of Juve’s story, paraphrased from Science-Fiction: The Gernsback Years : a Complete Coverage of the Genre Magazines Amazing, Astounding, Wonder, and others from 1926 Through 1936 (1998), by Everett F. Bleiler and Richard Bleiler:

A human spaceship powered by antigravity travels to Mars and ends up crash landing on the planet. The Martians, small creatures like evolved birds, have built cities, water canals, and agricultural plots. Initially friendly, the Martians turn hostile, but the Earthmen are saved by family members who had hidden themselves aboard the spaceship as stowaways.

Pictured above: The August 1930 issue of Wonder Stories, copies of which are selling on AbeBooks for $25.

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