Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nonfiction essay: "How to Learn Martian" by Charles F. Hockett (1955)

Interested in exploring some of the linguistic problems involved in communicating with aliens? Check out "How to Learn Martian", a nonfiction essay written by American linguist Charles F. Hockett that was published in the October 1955 issue of Astounding Science Fiction (British edition). Access is a bit cumbersome, as the issue is part of a huge library of old pulp magazines that have been scanned in CBR format.

[via Tinkoo Valia of Variety SF]


Doc Mars said...

Hi Paul,
The essay is here in pdf

illustrated by Kelly Freas.

The Astounding SF cover is from the nice Paramout movie "Conquest of Space".

Anonymous said...

Thank you...
And Thanks to Doc Mars... I know that someday I will have to figure out how to get torrents - but I have very unpleasant memories of peer sharing and all the viruses and other crap which wound up being invited onto my system. ...And I worry that this would be similar.
I prefer to remain anomalous...

Doc Mars said...

To Anomalous:
Use FilesTube
to download old pulps on other web hostings.
Anyway you should scan all the downloaded files with a good anti-virus, configure it for automatical scan.
Cautiousness is security.

Paul said...

Thanks, Doc Mars!