Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Poem: “The First Artist on Mars” by Tim Jones

New Zealand poet, author and editor Tim Jones recently had his poem “The First Artist on Mars” (2006) published on the website of fellow literary lover Helen Lowe. Comprised of six stanzas, the poem is about an artist's unvarnished reflection on his trip to the Red Planet. Here is the first line: “Well, the first professional artist”

According to Jones, "The First Artist on Mars" was first published in Blackmail Press 15 (May 2006) and was included in his second collection of poetry, All Blacks’ Kitchen Gardens, where it forms part of a Kim Stanley Robinson-inspired sequence about the exploration of Mars called "Red Stone."


Tim Jones said...

Thanks for picking up on this, Paul! If anyone would like a copy of my collection "All Blacks' Kitchen Gardens" so they can read the rest of the "Red Stone" sequence, feel free to drop me a line at senjmito@gmail.com, or you can buy it online from New Zealand Books Abroad.

Paul said...

Tim, thanks!