Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gallery of b&w illustrations from Edison’s Conquest of Mars (1898, 1947)

Check out this neat Flickr gallery of 35 black-and-white illustrations that I compiled from Edison's Conquest of Mars, a late nineteenth-century work written by amateur astronomer and newspaper man Garrett P. Serviss that was inspired by H.G. Wells' seminal SF novel The War of the Worlds. The first 25 illos are from the original 1898 serial and the last 10 illos are from the 1947 novel. The quality of the images varies and there is considerable overlap. Here we see the Martians building the Sphinx!


Gary Baker said...

Completely fascinating - thanks for that.

Mahnmut said...

That's awesome Paul.Really enjoyed the pics.You can also see them and read the story at gutenberg.