Monday, July 5, 2010

Interview: Pulp Sci-Fi author Joel Jenkins on his Dire Planet series

Pulp science fiction author Joel Jenkins was interviewed recently on The Book Cave Podcast (7:30 min., mp3) about his Dire Planet trilogy of novels and the future of the series. Inspired by legendary authors Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard, this sword & planet collection chronicles hero Garvey Dire and his swashbuckling adventures on the planet Mars. The series consists of three books to date, all of which were published by Pulpwork Press:

Dire Planet (2005) "Thrust into the savage Martian past, Garvey Dire must solve the mystery of time in a world of alien monsters and brutal violence, or see his own world destroyed by war!"

Exiles of the Dire Planet (2006) "In the savage Martian past, Garvey Dire discovers an old nemesis gathering vicious killers beneath his banner to conquer, crush and build a new empire on the blood and bones of the innocent!"

Into the Dire Planet (2007) "To defeat his bloody nemesis and free an enslaved people, Garvey Dire explores the depths of the Martian planet to uncover the hideous secrets of the lost city of Caladrex!"

Listen to the interview to find out what’s next!

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