Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: The Four Fingers of Death, new novel by Rick Moody

Charlie Jane Anders of the SF blog io9 has written a passionate review of The Four Fingers of Death (Hachette, 2010), a new novel penned by award-winning author Rick Moody that “features a hard-luck writer in 2025, whose novelization of a remake of the 1963 horror cult classic, The Crawling Hand, spins a satirical tale of a returning Mars expedition.”

While Anders concludes that “It's really only when you get to the end that you can see what this has all been about, and the sometimes rambling epic feels utterly worthwhile, in the final analysis. It's not just a fitting tribute to Vonnegut, but a great love letter to science fiction. And even though death and disease may put an end to love, Moody leaves us feeling as though love will have the last word,” The Four Fingers of Death looks as petrified as the novel’s cover art.

The Four Fingers of Death crawls onto bookstores shelves July 28th.

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