Monday, June 28, 2010

"Cancer World” 1954 bio-med short story by Harry Warner

Thanks to the industrious folks at Project Gutenberg and, we all can read or download "Cancer World," a biological-medical short story penned by American science fiction writer Harry Warner. Originally published in the May 1954 issue of Imagination magazine, the story revolves around a fellow who tries desperately to find an illegal way of joining his family on the Red Planet: Here are the opening lines:

"WE WON THE PATAGONIAN TRUST CASE," Greg Marson's jubilant tones filled the apartment -- the hall in which he stood, the automatic kitchen in the rear, the living quarters, bedroom and nursery in between.

But no one replied. Greg let his bulging, expensive briefcase slip to the floor, strode through the empty hall, poked his head into the kitchen, then entered the nursery.

Dennis dashed to his father on two-year-old legs, and baby Phyllis gurgled twice in her pen. Greg wrinkled his nose in puzzlement, then punched the babyviewer....

[via Tinkoo Valia of Variety SF]

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