Monday, May 17, 2010

“Translator’s Error,” a 1952 short story by Charles Dye

Thanks to Doc Mars of the amazing French-language website Mars & la Science Fiction, you can download and read American writer Charles Dye’s short story “Translator’s Error” (pdf) as it was originally published in the December 1952 issue of Dynamic Science Fiction magazine. Set on the Red Planet, the plot revolves around an ancient Martian mural and a human rehabilitation project to melt the planet’s polar ice caps and refill the once-glorious canals with water again. I’m not sure I understand the ending, but here are the opening lines:

RICHARD POTTERBOY was a beefy man with a big red face like an old-time politician’s; he looked like an elephant beside the little man with the telescopic spectacles sitting next to him. They both arose as Grisby walked in.

Potterboy’s face grew a shade redder as he glanced menacingly at his watch. “Good Lord, Grisby, where do you think you’re at? Vacationing back on earth? We’ve been waiting here nearly an hour four you!” He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. His uppers didn’t fit well and he was inclined to sputter...

Interestingly, writer Charles Dye (1927-1955) died in his 20's.

Merci beaucoup, Doc Mars!

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