Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top cat at Authors Guild is all $mile$

Thanks to the “papers please” policy of the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, a stack of paperwork presented by the Authors Guild and its small gang of affiliated organizations reveals that Paul Aiken, the Guild’s executive director and top cat, earned $141,000 in compensation in FY 2008/2009, up from a mere $87,500 in the prior fiscal year. Aiken also benefited from the Guild’s tasty 401(k) plan, which “provides for a matching contribution by the Guild to a maximum of 4% (a plan amendment increased the matching contribution by 1% in 2008) of eligible employee compensation.” Toss in the $37,500 that Aiken earned in compensation in FY 2008/2009 for serving as executive director of the affiliated Authors Guild Foundation, plus the $20,000 he usually earns in "legal fees" from the affiliated Authors League Fund, and you’ll understand why this cat is all $mile$.

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