Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Miranda Gate, a new SF archaeological thriller by Terence J. Henley

Terence J. Henley, a British science fiction writer and amateur astronomer who is confined to a wheelchair and uses his pen for pain management, recently had his new novel, The Miranda Gate (2010) published by Strategic Publishing Group. The second book in Henley's Martian trilogy, here is the promotional piece for The Miranda Gate:

What do outer space, an Egyptian pharaoh and a galactic war all have in common?

In this exciting new science fiction thriller, it’s time to suspend disbelief and imagine a universe without the planet Earth. After our planet’s destruction, Earth’s population is resettled on Mars. Professor Mike Anderson heads up a team searching deep space to find other hospitable worlds for humans to populate.

While searching for a new planet, Dr Anderson discovers The Miranda Gate, capable of moving ships quickly across the galaxy. This gateway makes it possible to do the impossible.

The Miranda Gate, a new star named Miranda is discovered in our solar system, but it hides a deathly secret.

Meanwhile, back on Mars, an astounding discovery is made. The body of King Ramesses III is found in deep hibernation under the North Pole. After he is revived, Ramesses tells of a war between Earth and Mars against the Rigilion Empire that has been raging for over 15,000 years.

As King Ramesses warns of an imminent attack by the Rigilions, those living on Mars must counter an attack by a foe who wants to wipe out all of humanity.

Terence J. Henley was just profiled in a local British newspaper article titled “Bristol science fiction writer Terry Henley writes to escape the pain.”


Time4u Book Review said...

Realy like the sound of this one, does remind me of stargate though, egyptians and gates.

Paul said...

Yeah, The Miranda Gate does sound good. I see your point about Stargate. I was thinking Dr. Who, the pyramids of Mars.