Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mars 500 mock mission: 6 men, 0 women reports that the “international” crew of mock astronauts that will be sealed in a fictitious spaceship & landing site environment at Russia's Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow on June 3, 2010, for Mars500, a 520-day simulated mission to the Red Planet, has been finalized. The volunteer, six-person team, which is composed of three Russian men, a French man, an Italian man, and a Chinese fellow, will allow scientists to study the psychological and physiological effects of small-group, long-term confinement. Apparently, over 6,000 people from 40 countries applied to join the $15 million mock mission, which includes a 250-day outbound journey, 30 days of exploring and colonizing, and a 240-day return flight. No word on why the mission does not include any women.

Pictured: Pam Grier in zero-gravity recliner.

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