Saturday, May 1, 2010

“Gentlemen -- the Queen!” a 1942 short story by Wilson “Bob” Tucker

Thanks to Doc Mars of the amazing French-language website Mars & la Science Fiction, you can download and read American mystery, action adventure, and science fiction writer Wilson “Bob” Tucker’s short story “Gentlemen -- the Queen!” (pdf) as it was originally published in the Fall 1942 issue of Science Fiction Quarterly magazine. Revolving around a legend that told of a Wild White Queen in the Martian wastelands, here are the opening lines:

THE three of us, Koenig majoring in electrical engineering, Evans working along advanced lines in chemistry, and myself ... oh, I beg your pardon; allow me to introduce myself. I’m Putnam, Rawleigh ’03. I dabble a bit in astrogation. As I was saying, the three of us were just returned to classes from the Christmas holidays, all feeling a mere touch of nostalgia for the old home town. There had been snow for Christmas, the first since 1983, or so the old-timers insisted. We found it rather disheartening to leave the beautiful snow-covered countryside to return to Rawleigh.

We were attempting to drown the mere touch in several mugs of beer at a little place just off campus, when Tobru joined us. Tobru is a Martian ....

Thanks, Doc Mars! How about another one?


Doc Mars said...

Hi Paul,
Three martian short stories today!
1)"Martian Mouse" by Robin Sturgeon, Theodore Sturgeon's son in Magazine of Fantasy & SF - september 1962
2) "Star of Blue" by Milton Kaletsky - Science Fiction march 1941
3)"Translator's Error" by Charles Dye - Dynamic Science Fiction december 1952's_Error.pdf

Unknown said...

Hah! Fine story! Thanks.