Monday, April 12, 2010

Rob Zombie should remake 1968 Yvonne Craig film Mars Needs Women

With his curriculum vitae full of horrible movie remakes, perhaps musician, troll and horror film fan Rob Zombie should remake the 1968 Hollywood flop Mars Needs Women, which starred a dapper Tommy Kirk as a desperate Martian and a sexy Yvonne Craig as Dr. Marjorie Bolen, an expert on extra-terrestrial reproduction. Considering that SF&F writer James D. MacDonald is looking for a new cat to wax, perhaps he and Stacia Kane, Barbara Bauer, Debra Doyle can play the lead roles. After listening to Doyle's “Sex and Outer Space” lecture, the audience can attend MacDonald's “Be a Sex-Writing Strumpet” workshop!

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December/Stacia said...

Hi there,

"Be a Sex-Writing Strumpet" is actually my workshop/book, taken from a series of blog posts I did a couple of years ago; Jim was kind enough to format it on Lulu for me. :-)