Friday, April 2, 2010

Podcast of Sean Monaghan’s 2009 SF-horror tale “The Stone Goddess”

Lame Goat Press has produced an excellent podcast of science fiction, fantasy and horror author Sean Monaghan’s short story “The Stone Goddess” (mp3, 13 min.), which was originally published in the anthology Horror Through the Ages (Lame Goat Press, 2009). Read by writer Barry J. Northern with an eerie background soundtrack by Monaghan, this chilling tale features a Mars-based researcher reeling from the death of his lover but still intent on finding the ever-elusive “holy grail” of Martian microbial life.

A creative writing tutor based in New Zealand, Monaghan is the author of two other speculative fiction pieces set on Mars: “Jerry and Monica’s Falling Out” (2009) and “Can’t You Find Anything Up There?” (2010), both of which were published on the free science fiction story site 365 tomorrows. For more about Monaghan's writing, check out his website, Venus Vulture.

Pictured: Horror Through the Ages (2009)


Barry J. Northern said...

Thanks fort he review, Paul, I'm glad the new podcast is reaching a wider audience.

Paul said...

You're welcome.