Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Major Mars," an exciting comic from 1940

Thanks to Doc Mars of the amazing French website Mars & la Science Fiction, you can read beautiful jpegs of a “Major Mars” adventure that was published in the April 1940 issue of Exciting Comics. The opening frame, pictured here, tells us that Major Mars, a wizard of science and inventor of a robot named Grag, was born on the moon of earthly parents and is a one-man vigilance committee dedicated to the maintenance of peace among the planets!


Doc Mars said...

Thanks Paul!
Do you remember Captain Future?
Not the japanese anime but the short stories by Edmond Hamiton (1940-1950). This strip is inspired by the first short story "The Space Emperor" (Winter 1940) [reprinted as "Captain Future and the Space Emperor"]. Max Plaisted draw the comic but who wrote the script? Perhaps Ed Hamilton himself, the comic is dated april 1940!
Alas it's the only one Major Mars adventure. We never saw his comeback.

Paul said...

Thanks, Doc. I didn't know that!