Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview with Jeff Loew, creator of new comic book The Regulators

Comic Book Bin has an excellent interview with Jeff Loew, creator of The Regulators (2010), a new politically-charged future thriller one-shot comic book set on Mars that was just published by Visionary Comics. Paired with a three-page preview, here is a snippet from the interview:
Comic Book Bin: I just had the privilege of reading this one-shot debut. It really feels like a classic 2000 A.D. jaunt into the far-flung future. Was the book The Regulators influenced by the sci-fi stories in that British magazine, and what other stories have influenced this title?

Jeff Loew: 2000 A.D. and Judge Dredd blew my mind when they were reprinted in the U.S. in the early 80s. Those stories have definitely influenced my writing. My proudest publication credit is probably a short story I had printed in the small press section of the Judge Dredd Megazine a few years back. I’d say that The Regulators is also influenced by the same 1950s and 1960s classic science fiction that influenced 2000 A.D., folks like Robert A. Heinlein. The structure of the story, with Pax Manfreddy, the lead character, hunting for another lost regulator on Mars, is pretty archetypal for a hard-boiled noir mystery. I even re-watched John Ford’s classic western, The Searchers, when thinking about the best way to tell the story -- the Martian landscape stands in for the American West.”
The cover art is a bit lame, but some of the interior artwork looks pretty cool.

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