Saturday, April 10, 2010

Creepy 1924 animated Soviet propaganda film vanquishes all the capitalists on Mars

I just watched Interplanetary Revolution (1924), a creepy 8-minute animated Soviet propaganda film replete with evil capitalists and dancing swastikas. A tale starring Comrade Cominternov, the Red Army Warrior, who vanquishes all of the capitalists on Mars, Interplanetary Revolution is "an event very likely to happen in 1929."

Check it out!


Crotchety Old Fan said...

ummm, way cool is about all I can say.

Bit anti-semitic and racist, but I can forgive that in light of the portrayal of fat NAZI butts.

Paul said...

I wonder if the film was made in 1929/1930 and back-dated to 1924. I mean, who is going to disagree with the Minister of Propaganda?

Doc Mars said...

Mezhplanetnaya Revolutsiya was made in 1924. Protazanov for his movie Aelita had decided to add some animated pictures. Komissarenko, Merkulov and Khodataev won the contest, but their project was not successful. Disappointed, the three authors decided to make an animated film about a trip to Mars. It's a propaganda movie about spreading the revolution throughout the planetary system.

Anonymous said...

It's possible I found out about this from your site in the first place... But there are 2 really good Soviet space documentaries (which play as SF) with some extraordinary special effects to be found on rutube.

The first is Road tot he Stars - and it's a film Kubrick viewed when he was planning "2001".
The second is less interesting to me but it does deal with Mars - I recall a dog in a spacesuit that's rather odd.
I prefer to remain anomalous...

Doc Mars said...

Anonymous don't be shy! Great links.
These movies are
"Road to the Stars" (1957) by Pavel Klushantsev who also made in 1968 the second movie "Mars" (or MAPC in russian) cheesy story of the upcoming soviet conquest of Mars. You can see a little dog in space suit walking among incredible luxuriant martian plants.

Another one always by Klushantsev
"Luna / Луна" (1965)